Thinking about nature in our current world is an exercise of confusion, our relationship with our planet seems to have been reduced to a merely contemplative role of academic admiration and cold indifference. After all, under our current idea of progress, it cannot be in other way, our values of society depend completely on this dissonance of though, on this notion that our existence and our essence is somehow separated from the land that we step on. This idea that we are stewards of a beautiful garden but no part of the garden itself, a pathologic dualism that is a severed arm in our existence, an arm that is bleeding and will continue to bleed as we all feel the pain, while we all crave for the missing link. 

Through painting, I find a shelter that takes me back to nature searching for that missing connection. I paint not as a denunciation but as a cry of nostalgia and fear of loosing nature and ourselves. I want you to find shelter too and join me into feeling life through its colors, into feeling you as a important active part of this unspeakable beauty and decide to preserve it.